Today in the Garden #4

As the rhubarb has taken off, I have decided that it has out grown the pots and therefore needs to be planted out into the ground. The day was spent moving rocks & dirt. I added sheep, cow and chicken manure to enrich the dirt.

Overgrown Rhubarb

Ready for planting the Rhubarb


Today In The Garden #3

It has been a busy time recently in the garden. The lawns were mown, seedlings are sprouting, potato planters have been rejigged to hopefully stop the potatoes sprouting sideways and I managed to get some more carrots planted.

Potatoes growing sideways

Today I harvested some beetroot and am looking forward to eating it.

I also added some more soil to one of the potato planters.

The rejigged potato planter with added soil.

The veggies were treated to a special watering today as I gave them all a dose of liquid seaweed.

Unfortunately, I will have to spray the broccoli to get rid of the green caterpillars. However, the broccoli is also starting to form heads.

Broccoli head forming and a green caterpillar.

Will covering this plot with exclusion fabric keep the bugs out?