Gardening On Goyders

As a busy mother of 6 boys, three of whom are teenagers and all with voracious appetites, I am undertaking to grow our own fruit and vegetables, to help keep our food bills down but to also provide sources of food that have a smaller carbon footprint.

Goyders Line in South Australia is a demarcation line between good cropping land and grazing land.

In 2016 I will be conducting an experiment in which gardening method suits our climate and my gardening style the best. I will be utilising raised garden beds, straw bale gardening, in ground plots and pots.

Our garden is quite large in comparison to the urban gardens, and we have many challenges to overcome.

What are our challenges:

  1. Septic System in the backyard
  2. Living on the edge of the desert
  3. Weather Extremes -2oC in Winter to 45oC  in Summer

There will be posts about fruits, vegetables, recipes, flowers, companion planting and the occasional ramble about all of the garden.